Mission Statement:

Its simple. There are many ways to store your snippets. There are many ways to create snippets. But generally it is a random mess trying to keep track of your most used snippets, let alone the ones that you use once every few months. There needs to be a place to store all of these snippets, a place that is dedicated to keeping the most useful snippets but at the same time working to make it as convenient as possible to find, organize and help programmers USE these snippets.

The whole point of having a snippet is to save time & repetitiveness, or at least thats one aspect. The other is that it is nearly impossible to store in your brain all of the different nuances of certain coding languages. So we tend to strain our brain once to make a snippet so in turn we don't have to think as hard next time. Or better yet we let someone else strain their brain and just copy and paste their hard work, but why reinvent the wheel?

In today's day and age to stay ahead of the coding curve, to be better than the other programmers around you at what you do, you need to have an edge. One edge is turning over code like a madman. Re-usable code snippets can help you to that end in a very powerful and efficient way.


To give the ability to have programmers add their favorite snippets to their own profile and export them as a bundle that can be used with the most popular coding software, i.e. Sublime Text & Coda.


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