Remove Double Titles in WordPress

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Generally the following two plugins have issues with double titles within Google search:

WordPress SEO Yoast

In order to remove the double title you will need to open the header.php file and look for the <title> tag. It can look pretty much different from theme to theme but usually you will find some code inside like this:

    <?php $the_title = wp_title('', false);
        if ($the_title != '') :
            echo wp_title('',false),' | '; bloginfo('name');
        else :
            if ($paged > 1) { echo ' - page '.$paged; } else { if ($blogdesc=get_bloginfo('description')) echo ' - '.$blogdesc; }
        endif; ?>

Replace everything betweenandtags with this code:

<title> <?php wp_title(''); ?> </title>

That should fix it. Note that it takes time for Google to re-crawl your page and re-index the proper title, so be patient.

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