Snippet Type Views Tag
Remove Double Titles in WordPress Hack or Fix 382 views
Adding Another Menu Under Theme Locations Supplemental 34 views
Using Shortcode in Template Supplemental 46 views
Add Category Title to Single Post Supplemental 65 views
Add Various Post Related Classes Fundamental 37 views
Change WP Email From Supplemental 29 views
Display All Tags on One Page Supplemental 2,107 views
Display Message on Older Posts Supplemental 13 views
Most Useful Simple WordPress Snippets Fundamental 83 views
Display any RSS Feed Fundamental 28 views
Add Class to Last Post in Loop Supplemental 64 views
Add Searchbox to Navigation Supplemental 34 views
Query Custom Post Type Fundamental 114 views ,
Add Breadcrumb Navigation Supplemental 31 views
Disable Comments on Media Attachments Hack or Fix 22 views ,
Using Gravatar as Favicon Supplemental 19 views
Add Favicon To Site Fundamental 53 views
Remove URL From Comments Supplemental 14 views ,
Hide WordPress Version Fundamental 31 views
Anti-Spam Email Links Hack or Fix 61 views ,
Enable Page Excerpts Fundamental 18 views
Edit Custom Post Type Icon Supplemental 65 views , , ,
Block Profile Menu From Role: Subscriber Supplemental 227 views
Add Backdoor to WordPress Install Supplemental 273 views
Add Favicon to Your WordPress Admin Supplemental 26 views , ,
Conditional: if is_front_page Fundamental 75 views
Post a Page in a Page Supplemental 21 views
Conditional: if has_post_thumbnail Fundamental 524 views ,
Conditional: if in_category Fundamental 157 views
Basic WordPress Snippets Fundamental 49 views
Advanced Custom Fields Snippets Supplemental 694 views
Enqueue jQuery with Dependent .js Files Fundamental 80 views
Conditional: Only if Category has Posts Fundamental 454 views
Template Directory Shortcut Fundamental 33 views
Query Posts by Category Fundamental 188 views


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